Microwave defrosting equipment is a new type of defrosting equipment the equipment is widely used can be used to defrost a variety of materials There are a variety of microwave defrosting devices on the market and after careful comparison We have finally bought Leader Microwave Equipment's industrial microwave defrosting equipment Environmental microwave friendly tea drying machine tea leaf drying machine green tea processing machinery Automatic Multi-Function Seafood Fruit Vegetable WashingWasher DryingDehydrator Machine China Stainless Steel Hot Air Vegetable Fruit Seafood Fresh Vegetable Dryer Machine Seafood drying machine Fruit Sea Food Fish DryerDrying Machine2018 Seafood Tray Drying Dehydrator

Industrial Puffed Food Machinery

Industrial microwave Equipment has excellent quality easy to use and environmental protection Our after-sale service is considerate Over the years our products have been exported to many parts of the world and many loyal customers have inspected and ordered for you

Microwave Sterilization Equipment Sterilization temperature of Microwave sterilization machinery is low the time is short nutritional components maintain good effect Generally speaking the traditional sterilization method should be at least over 100℃ and it takes

Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Ovens Provide Quick and Efficient Reheating of Food for Low to High Volume Kitchen and Break Room Environments Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Ovens are available in several sizes styles and colors to heat food in a variety of professional environments

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for hawthorn slices: 1 Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization machine using PLC control system Simple operation easy to use 2 Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization machine in the production process without preheating sterilization time is short fast evenly thorough sterilization

Thermex-Thermatron is the industry leader in manufacturing Industrial RF Welding and RF Sealing Equipment Industrial Microwave Systems and Industrial Thermal Press Sealing Systems That's because we bring over 80 years of expertise to the table to help you improve manufacturing quality and productivity to help address new production

Industrial Microwave Ovens

SYSTEMS Our industrial microwave ovens are widely popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process Whether the installation requires throughput of 17 000 pounds per hour or the flexibility of a small batch process we have a standard design to meet your need

In the industrial fields we have 20 years' experience of refining equipment supporting and industrial service And we also have 25 years' experience of researching manufacturing industrial microwave equipment for food/chemical products/medicine sterilizing and drying Our machines are highly automatic environmentally friendly and energy-saving

Microwave sterilization is a new technology with high efficiency energy saving stability reliability simple equipment and convenient operation The characteristics of microwave sterilization machineare continuous production of equipment only need electricity do not need other energy can quickly kill the bacteria in the material

2 Microwave heating can heat the material inside and outside at the same time so the product quality can be greatly improved 3 The factory equipped with Industrial Microwave Oven is convenient for continuous production and automation Microwave power heating has no inertia and is easy to control in real time

Microwave Defrosting: microwave frequency of 915 MHZ microwave generator meat from 18 degrees below 0℃ to thaw to 5 degrees depending on the individual size only 5 to 20 minutes its penetration is much better than the 2450 MHZ microwave source 20 kw monophyletic equipment can do 20 kw to 200 kw To be used in the thaw materialrocessing

Egg powder egg yolk powder refers to egg products made from beaten eggs filtered sterilized spray-dried or dried by fermentation It contains very rich nutrients such as fat minerals protein and vitamins and so on the consumption of egg powder egg yolk powder can supplement a lot of nutritional elements for the human body is very good for the human body In the process of making egg

SYSTEMS Our industrial microwave ovens are widely popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process Whether the installation requires throughput of 17 000 pounds per hour or the flexibility of a small batch process we have a standard design to meet your need

MAX-LEADER is a high-tech-oriented research and development manufacturing sales and service as one of the modern science and technology enterprises Specializing in the production of microwave drying equipment microwave heating equipment microwave sterilization equipment The company has a number of senior experts in microwave energy technology and strong technical development team

Microwave Fish Sterilization and Curing Equipment

LD1910 microwave sterilization and curing equipment has low cost simple processing technology and easy operation The ready-to-eat of bombay duck has good color aroma and taste good brittleness low water content long product shelf life can be kept at room temperature for more than half a year and overcome the shortcomings of traditional salted dried fish with high salt and deep fried fish

2015-10-30Microdry Inc a part of the Nemeth Engineering group a Custom Industrial Microwave Equipment Manufacturer We design around the customer's requirements as well as producing a standard line of equipment Continuous or Batch systems with or without hot air stainless steel or aluminum one of a kind or multiple systems Simple or complex let us help you with your microwave

Leader Microwave Equipment Company's microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits has excellent sterilization effect and has been sold all over the world deeply loved by customers Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits: Microwave sterilizer for canned fruitshas fast sterilization speed and short time

Columbia International : Microwave Chemical Reactors - Chemical Reactors Ball Mills for Fine Grinding Furnaces Drying Ovens Centrifuges Stirrer Mixers Metal Ware Vacuum Equipments Automation Controllers Hoods and Glove Boxes Microscopes Evaporation Distillation Spray Dryers Pressing Machine and Dies Voltage Transformers Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Filtration Ultrasonicators Freeze Dryer

HomeProductsIndustrial Tunnel Microwave Dryer Sterilizer Tunnel type industrial microwave tridymite drying/ mica powder dryer machine English Enjoy High Margins on Oil Expeller Oil Press and Oil Refinery Machine Supplier Competitive Industrial Tunnel Microwave Dryer Sterilizer Pricing Great Wholesale Products at Low Costs

We believe that we are one of the best microwave machinery manufacturers so far our microwave yellow mealworm machinery equipment and vegetable dehydration and drying equipment has been exported to various countries including South Korea north Korea Iraq India and more than 20 countries Due to the excellent quality of our mechanical equipment and perfect after-sales service customers

Our after-sales service is considerate and has been exported to all parts of the world for several years Many loyal customers inspect for you you could order with peace of mind If you are interested in us or our microwave equipment you can leave us a message Or if you want more information about microwave equipment you can contact us

Microwave Heating Equipment 1 High productivity The biggest characteristic of microwave heating oven is that Microwaves aregenerated from inside the heated material that is the heat comes from inside the object Simultaneous heating inside and outside could greatly shorten the heating time 2 Low failure rate Because of the high stability of our microwave heating equipment the final

Microwave thawing method is a method of thawing frozen food under the action of certain frequency electromagnetic wave Because of the strong penetration of microwave at low temperature and the dielectric properties of ice The quality of fresh meat can be obtained by thawing and tempering frozen meat with microwave in industry which is beneficial to further processing

Under the efforts of the personnel of the food science and technology food microwave drying equipment in variety kinds came to people's life for example air convection drying equipments drum drying equipment vacuum drying equipments and pressure drying equipment and electromagnetic radiation drying equipment